Create your own personalised Christmas decor and gifts. Deepty Mundhra tells us how.

Recently, Deepty along with her 4 and 6-year-old children walked through a park in Zug and found some interesting rocks in various shapes and sizes. They took a few interesting shaped ones home and one day, Deepty decided to paint them. That’s how she came about her stone art – a simple idea of painting rocks and stones for the festive season to decorate your mantle or table, or to gift them to your loved ones.

Ingredients for Stone Art


  • Stones – preferably the size of a paperweight
  • Acrylic colours
  • Paintbrushes
  • Gold /silver spray or paints (optional)
  • Black permanent marker
  • Confetti, googly eyes, precious stones, glitter, etc
  • Glitter glue
  • Glue for sticking
  • Old newspaper and a hand towel


  • Make sure your stone is thoroughly washed and dried well before you begin the artwork.
  • Place your stone on a big sheet of old newspaper or craft table.
  • Spray it all over (excluding the base) with gold or silver spray.

Spray painting stone

  • You can also choose the variety of colours from the acrylic set for a more colourful look.
  • Once the base colour has dried, think of a design and use the black marker to draw your outline.
  • You can also choose to write words or simple drawings with the marker.

DIY stone art

  • Let your imagination wild and fill in different colours for a more festive look as shown in the image.
  • You can simply put glue dots all over the coloured stone and stick decorative materials like confetti, pompoms, a sprinkling of glitter etc. Allow it to dry for a whole day.
  • Make sure to have your child’s name on it as you create fond memories and presents.
  • Attached are few pics from the workshop conducted at home for Christmas and some pics that were randomly taken from Pinterest #pinterestaddictmommy

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  • Enjoy creating these cute little pieces of art and unleash your creative side. Believe me, it’s therapeutic and also saves your child from screen time.

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