In our language corner, every issue we bring to you phrases that you can use in your everyday life in Switzerland. There are four official languages in Switzerland – German, French, Italian and Romansch.

Don’t you feel like slamming the phone down with a strong – “No, I’m not interested!” when those random marketing calls come your way? Or tell someone that you really don’t understand the ingredients of a product you’ve found at Migros or Coop? You do! But interestingly, many of us just don’t know how to say “I can’t! I don’t get it!” in the language that can be locally understood with impact! Right? Get rid of your frustrations and flaunt your ignorance at your will in an understandable way. Here’s how.



  • I am not interested – Ich bin nicht interessiert
  • Do you understand? –  Verstehst du? Verstehen Sie?
  • I understand – Ich verstehe
  • I don’t understand – Ich verstehe nicht
  • I don’t know – Ich weiß es nicht
  • Please speak slowly – Bitte sprechen Sie langsam/ Kannst du bitte langsam sprechen?
  • Please say that again – Bitte wiederholen.


  • I am not interested – je ne suis pas intéressé
  • Do you understand? –  Comprenez vous?
  • I understand – je comprends
  • I don’t understand – Je ne comprends pas
  • I don’t know – Je ne sais pas
  • Please speak more slowly – Parlez plus lentement s’il vous plaît
  • Please say that again – Redites ça, s’il vous plaît


  • I am not interested – non mi interessa
  • Do you understand? – Capisci?
  • I understand – Capisco
  • I don’t understand – Non capisco
  • I don’t know – Non lo so
  • Please speak more slowly – Per favore, parli lentamente
  • Please say that again – Per favore ripetilo


  • Do you understand? -Chapeschas ti?
  • I understand -Jau chapesch
  • I don’t understand – Jau na chapesch betg
  • Please speak more slowly – Pudessas ti discurrer pli plaun?
  • Please say that again – Pudessas ti repeter quai?

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