How are you planning to spend the summer? Our readers shared their ideas with us for an ideal summer break. From visiting the Alps to taking a dip at the local ‘badi‘ to painting in the Swiss outdoors. Here are our picks of the best reader-sourced ideas to make the most of summer!

Local ‘badis’ (swimming pools)

Photo of people swimming at the Badis

Swimming at a new ‘badi’ gets me very excited. Last year, I tried the one at Spiez, the most amazing pool in the country. This year I am looking forward to swimming at the one at Burgenstock resort in Luzern.

– Karishma Duggal

A day out with the family

“I’ve been living in Mumbai, India until now… I’m a newbie here. A travel-enthusiast, the weather doesn’t matter to me. And, with my family, we definitely step out together on a bright sunny day. So, on a sunny day, we were travelling by bus when my husband said, “Hey look we can see the view of the Alps from here”. He was sitting facing me, so I looked back to see. My eyes widened and my jaw dropped as I exclaimed, “Wow!” The sun was shining brightly onto the snow-covered Alps, making the range look like a huge sparkling jewel. I could only get a quick glance since the bus was moving fast, and in no time, the trees and buildings camouflaged it. I was awestruck by the splendid and beautifully distinct view.

Photo of the family day out by Ishwarya

Soon after, on another sunny weekend, we decided to go for a day trip to Rapperswil. We took the boat ride from Buerkliplatz. On the way, saw the beautiful view of the Zurich city and the Alps. For lunch, I had packed roti and palak paneer curry which we savoured sitting alongside the lake. We visited the Rapperswil KinderZoo, the castle situated over the hill, enjoyed the breath-taking views of mountains and the lake, and took a leisurely walk around the city.

It was a day spent well with my family.”

– Ishwarya Ramanathan

Painting outdoors

“My favourite summer activity? Painting en plein air! Indian summer in the Swiss terrain is rare and lasts for only a few weeks, so make the most of it, I say. Sitting under the shade of a tree, watch sailing boats disappear into the horizon and, before they reach the ‘vanishing point’, paint them on your canvas, making them sail in your watercolours forever… That’s what my artist friends and I love doing every summer: painting the rivers and the lakes, chasing light like the impressionists, and watching the white ship sail past the white swans.

Photo of Open Air Painting by Brindarica Bose


This clip is from Thalwil. You will spot some of us again near Zurich See in the next few weeks.”

– Brindarica Bose

Visiting the Kunsthaus (art museum)

“I’ve lived here for 5 years now. During the summer I like going to Kunsthaus and teaching others how to draw. When it’s too hot outside, it’s a great idea to chill at the Kunsthaus and learn something new. I adore spreading knowledge about art and making people regain their creative powers, which sometimes have been put to sleep.”

– Aleksandra Bzdzikot

Illustration by Kirti Sharma

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