Pratik Haldar, 9 years old

Pratik Haldar lives in Zurich and is a keen pianist and a footballer. He loves to spend his spare time having fun with his friends.

Its Diwali. Diwali means festival of lights. The most well known story about Diwali is that Lord Ryama returned to Ayodhya with Sita after killing the demon king, Ravana. The people of Ayodhya lit up their houses with diyas and decorated the city.

We celebrate it in different countries. It’s fun. My mom said, “We are planning a Diwali Party.” Now, I have to clean, go to the market and invite my friends. I am going to invite Ryan, Iris and Strehan.

I see them coming really fast!

Strehan says, “Come everyone, there is his house!”

“Come in, come in,” I said. I was very excited.

Ryan was asking, “What are we going to do now? Let’s go outside. ”We played a lot. Iris and Strehan played something else. We all ate lunch together and watched television. We watched different channels.”

The next thing we did was to play hide and seek. I found Iris and I said, “There you are!”

Our parents were making Rangoli. Rangoli is a type of painting, using coloured powder. We then went out to play with fireworks. This was my favourite part of Diwali. Everybody had a lot of fun. Everybody said “Happy Diwali!”

The End

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