Ihita Bhattacharya, 8 years

Have you heard of a magical world? The one with witches and wizards, good versus evil ones? If that interests you, then you must read about Harry Potter. Join Harry at his school Hogwarts learn about the wizarding world together, recommends Ihita Bhattacharya as she reviews ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’.

Read about how Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione (Her-my-ni) find out the magical stone, a man named Nicholas Flamel, and a three-headed dog named Fluffy. The gamekeeper, Hagrid, who works at Hogwarts, helps them a bit by blurting out what he knows.

While looking for the magical stone, Harry has to deal with competition between four schoolhouses, Quidditch, the history of Hogwarts, along with his regular lessons. Will he be able to manage it all?

Harry knows nothing except the fact about an evil wizard named Lord Voldemort. Although he doesn’t know it, Harry is famous throughout the wizarding world for his first encounter with “Lord Voldemort.” Read to find out why.

Read this book to also find out why witches and wizards fear Voldemort, and fear to take his name. Voldemort is usually spoken about as “You Know Who” or “He Who Must Not Be Named”. Very few dare to call him by his real name.

Harry has a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead. Read this book to find out why, for there is an interesting history behind it.

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