Advay Singh, 5 years old

Art provides the most safe and neutral setting for self-expression and exploration for autistic children as they usually have a hard time identifying their emotions and recognizing those of others. It also helps in enhancing their motor skills. Advay found an alternative to his verbal communication – his art lessons.

Photo of Advay Singh

Advay gradually started painting different forms and shapes and he let his imagination run wild on paper. It has been quite therapeutic for him as he feels content and happy expressing through colours, images and his own artistic technique. Moreover, by immersing himself in a new world of colours and textures in an ‘approved’ environment and trying his hand at finger painting, he is learning to manage his own sensory issues against sticky and slimy textures.

Art therapy also helps in increasing focus and reduce stress in autistic kids. It is exciting to see Advay create something new each time with his own hands which in return gives him a great feeling of pride.

He started making his abstract paintings at the age of three. His therapist was quite impressed with his creativity and sent me three of his laminated masterpieces and called him the ‘Little Picasso‘.

The first abstract art which he made when was 3-years-old

Therefore, I urge all parents to let their children on the spectrum hear their inner calling, explore their hidden potential and let art be their inner voice!

“Form itself, even if completely abstract has its own inner sound.“ ~ Wassily Kandinsky

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