For enabling us to bring the events of Switzerland in an easier and attractive format for our readers.

The month of April marked an association between Namaste Switzerland and WinVinaya Foundation. This foundation provides skills and resources to differently abled, economically disadvantaged people, enabling them to earn a decent income and lead a life with dignity.

We at Namaste Switzerland, engaged some of these employees to create the events calendar for us using their software solutions. And we loved what they did.

As a gesture of our gratitude, we have sent out a token sum for each of the individuals as well as a certificate of appreciation.

Thank you for supporting us, once again, dear experts and the team at the WinVinaya Foundation.

A special thank you to Shiva Jayagopal, Akila Sankar and Baskaran Arumugam for the collaboration and for the working with all of us to make this happen.

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