Sanjana Senthilrajan, 6 years

Sanjana Senthilrajan loves to play with colours: “It is always fun to do crafts with my mom. This time, we decided to make the seashells colorful.”

We had collected some seashells and one of my friends gave me white corals, which he has collected from the Bali beaches. We painted the shells and decided to decorate the small mirror which we bought recently.

Before you start

  1. Keep the craft things ready in one place
  2. Spread some newspapers on the floor when you paint something. It makes cleaning easy later
  3. Wear a painting apron

Materials required

Materials required for DIY art with Shells

  • Seashells/corals
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Glitters
  • Hot glue gun
  • Mirror or Photo frame


  1. Select the shells from your collection based on the size/pattern and keep them separate

    Photo of shells used in DIY art with Shells

  2. Choose how many of them you need for decoration
  3. Paint, add glitter or stick sequences. You can decorate it the way you like! My favourite colour is pink and I started painting with pink
  4. If you’re planning to do more than one colour, first do the base colour and allow it to dry and then decorate it with other colours

    Photo of painted shells used for DIY art with Shells

  5. Allow the paintings to be dry
  6. Please ask your mom/dad to help you when you use the hot glue gun. My mom helped me with it. We pasted seashells on the mirror outline as per my choice
  7. The beautiful seashell/coral mirror is ready

I am planning to give this as a gift to my friend who gave me the corals.I hope you too like the idea. Next time, when you visit a beach, collect seashells and make your mirror more fun!

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