Did you know insurance in Switzerland makes your New Year resolutions of getting healthier easier?

Yes! The Swiss insurance makes it all easier by paying towards it. Join that Yoga class you always wanted to, get sweating in the gym of your choice, even relax in a thermal bath.

Insurance providers offer a range of products to promote health and wellness and here’s all you need to know:

  • Health insurers include health-promoting benefits in their supplemental insurance products for healthy policyholders.
  • Insurers require applicants to fill in a health questionnaire for factors like weight, age, state of health to determine whether or not an applicant will be accepted.
  • Supplemental insurance policies help cover the cost of keeping physically fit, by contributing to gym memberships or alternative medicine. A lot of insurers also offer cheaper premiums on a portion of the costs incurred in connection with gyms, fitness classes and other such activities.

Just that basic and supplemental insurance is not always with the same provider. That’s why we here to guide you to through the best plan and to insurers who pay up to CHF 800 towards your health goals. Without deductibles! All you have to do is, call us for free consultation, so we can understand your choice of healthcare and guide you to a suitable insurer for maximum savings.

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