It’s that time of the year where you have the option to terminate your supplementary insurance policy, however, this can differ from one health insurance company to another.

Supplementary insurance and basic insurance are independent of each other, so you can have a different insurer for each. So, you can change your supplementary insurance provider but keep your basic insurance with the old company.

Due to the increase in supplementary insurance premiums with many insurance companies this year, you can still change the whole insurance (basic+supplements) this year and start something new on 1st January 2021.

Read on to find out how it’s done

  • Before you decide to cancel, compare insurers through a trusted insurance agent
  • Ask for a free quote
  • Make sure you do not cancel your existing insurance policy until you have received a confirmation from the new insurer.
  • Cancel your supplemental insurance policy by filling the cancellation form and sending the letter by registered post*

Important things to keep in mind

  • The insurance companies are free to determine the cancellation periods for supplemental insurance.
  • If you cancel your basic insurance policy but wish to keep your supplemental insurance with your existing provider, you must clearly state this in your cancellation letter to the insurer.
  • The cancellation periods for supplemental insurance vary and are stated in the conditions of the policy. Some supplemental insurance policies have a minimum duration of several years and a notice period of six months.
  • Health insurers may impose temporary or permanent exclusions on a supplemental insurance policy if they consider your health to be an unfavourable risk. This means that you are not entitled to insurance coverage for any treatment relating to the illness stated in the exclusion.

Make it easy

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*Although many policies state 30th September 2020 as the last date, the policy can be changed by early next year.

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