The COVID-19 fever and the lockdown is taking its toll worldwide. Staying at home with kids the whole day, doing household chores, helping them with their homework and crafting together, I also enjoy my ‘me-time’ doodling. While doing so, I came up with this idea and thought it would be a cool and fun way to make my kids understand the current situation and why they should stay at home.

A simple comic illustration of our very old three little pigs is what I came up with. I was happy to see that my kids loved it – and it also served its purpose to explain the Lockdown to them.

About the Author

Photo of Reka SamynathanReka Samynathan is a homemaker and has been living in Zurich, Switzerland for the past 13 years. She is a mother of 2 beautiful girls and her hobbies are drawing, painting, cooking and baking.

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