15-year-old Aakash Sethi expresses his opinions and ideas on battling lockdown boredom without getting into the way of the parents

Because of COVID-19, we are all in lockdown or in simpler terms quarantine. That’s how it is going to be for a while. Yes, we have to stay indoors to stay safe, and ensure the safety of older people around us. Situation accepted.

Now what?

Some of us are wasting our time and waiting for everything to go to how it was before, while others are actually doing something.

In my case, I’ve been focusing on doing the things I don’t usually have time for. Focusing on my hobbies is a big part of what keeps me away from just wasting six hours a day on social media. Finding a creative hobby like drawing, making music or writing is the best thing you can do. It keeps you occupied and you can literally see yourself always getting better with each new attempt 🙂

My sister and I have started learning ASL sign language and I’ve even gotten back into drawing and sketching, which I missed earlier. I’ve been spending hours in my home-studio, following tutorials and trying out new genres of music.

Speaking of music, updating your playlist is never a bad idea. Listening to new artists or genres from time to time can never harm you, and if you’re lucky, you might just find your new favourite musician.

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You know that Podcast app that always comes pre-installed on your iPhone? Yes, the one you always delete right after unboxing it (like my mother did!) THAT, is actually such a cool app. You have all the podcasts in the world and they are all for free to listen to. You can even download them for listening on the go, but I don’t suppose you will be going anywhere soon… other than if you decide to go for a walk or a jog. Then you can always try listening to a podcast instead of music. On the app, you can find anything from comedy to law.

And there’s always the usual – reading, playing board games with the family, cooking and baking, singing loudly in the shower…

So, there you go – now you have some add-on ideas. Do something new, or follow an old hobby – create your own ‘fun through lockdown’ list.

About the Author

Aakash Sethi, 15, is always looking for new ways to have fun. In addition to school, he makes time to enjoy and hone his interests in music, karate, piano. He enjoys his personal fitness fundamentals, long walks, and a great camaraderie with his sister and his friends. Of course, parents and cats are part of the fun, too.

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