Banu Balaji shares a collection of photos she captured using her mobile phone camera during her walks in the lockdown period.

Her daily walks have become interesting. “I click the spring blooms around, giving me an opportunity to capture them with what I have in my hand at that very moment.”

Photo of Pink Asiatic Lily Flowers captured indoors

Pink Asiatic Lily Flowers captured indoors


Photo of Forget me nots

Forget Me Nots – Definitely not forgettable because of its bright colour in a usual dark background where it grows cannot be missed out in Spring


Photo of Grape Hyacinth

Grape Hyacinth – Blooms in the beginning of the Spring Season. Stays for a very short period, yet attractive because of its colour


Photo of Yellow Carpet of Rapeseed Flowers

Yellow Carpet of Rapeseed Flowers cannot be missed out. With its bright colour & distinctive smell, it is a definite attraction to the Spring Season


Photo of Carpet of the Tiny, White, Wild blooms

Carpet of the Tiny, White, Wild blooms contrasting the Green Background is always an attraction


Photo of newly budding leaves

Not only the flowers bring beauty to the Spring Season, the newly budding leaves like these also give out beautiful colours to the season


Photo of Magnolia

Magnolia – With different shades of Pink colours, these flowers fill up the trees to its brim


Photo of Wild Spring Bloom Closeup

Wild Spring Bloom Closeup


Photo of Daffodils

Think of Spring Season, the Daffodils are here all over swaying their heads to the mild breeze


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