Switzerland slowly crawls back to normalcy with the phase-wise easing of restrictions. Knowing what’s open, what’s not, what’s allowed, what isn’t, throws a plethora of questions and confusions. Ritesh Sood provides us with some clarity.

Shops are open again, streets and parks are bustling, BBQs sizzling as we casually slip into our post-pandemic carefree days. There are a few common questions that arise for many of us living in Switzerland with families abroad. I have tried to compile answers that have been sourced from reliable and verified sources.

Can my family in another country visit me in Switzerland?

As announced by the Federal Council on May 27, free movement of people within the European Schengen zone will be restored by July 6. However, it is not yet possible to allow travel from outside the Schengen zone. All travel restrictions with France, Germany and Austria will be lifted on June 15, while a decision on Italy is still awaited.

If you wish to visit any of the places that fall under the ‘allowed’ category, you must complete a self-declaration form (downloaded from the websites of the respective ministries) and present it at the border.

Will I or my family be quarantined if travelling to Switzerland?

There is no quarantine requirement for travellers entering Switzerland who are free of symptoms. You will be provided with key information regarding the situation in Switzerland at the point of entry. But entry restrictions can change quickly depending on the country of origin and the point of entry. You may be asked to complete a health questionnaire or have your temperature taken.

For updates and information on visas, make sure you check the State Secretariat for Migration SEM website before you travel.

When will international flights to/from Switzerland resume?

Starting June, SWISS will operate around 140 weekly flights from Zurich to 30 European destinations, and some 40 weekly flights from Geneva to 14 European destinations. The three weekly long-haul flights to Newark in the US will continue and further intercontinental destinations will be added. Currently, a handful of international carriers have limited flights to London, Abu Dhabi and Doha, gradually adding on more.

If I have to be tested, will my insurance cover the cost?

The cost of a Coronavirus test (CHF 180) will be reimbursed by your basic health insurance. It is advised that those worried about a possible infection should call the doctor first, rather than showing up in person.

Keeping in mind the changing situations, new rules and updates might replace the information listed above. It’s advisable to check with the relevant authorities for the correct information. And for a free consultation on anything related to insurance in the current scenario, we are just a call away.

Useful resources

  • Federal Office of Public Health for links and emergency contacts
  • Embassy of India for travel advisory updates
  • SWISS for flight information
  • swissinfo.ch for the current situation and the latest news in English

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