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Welcome to your Check your Facts: 4

The Greek athlete Spiridon Louis happens to be the first gold medal winner of which popular Olympic sport? (It is hugely popular outside of Olympics as well)
What English monarch and Lord of Ireland commanded the English troops at the start of the Hundred Years War in 1337?
With atomic number 49, which metal named after a dye colour (as it turns to that colour in liquid form) has a silvery-white appearance and was discovered by Ferdinand Reich?
Facial-Maschera is one of the examples of fauvism, a painting style that emerged in the 20th century. Which French painter's 1951 painting is Facial-Maschera?
What TV show's first episode is set in 1958 and focusses on the domestic life of Miriam (Midge), a young, upper class Jewish American housewife who gets arrested at The Gaslight Cafe?
In 1907, which Indian-born writer became the youngest to receive a Nobel Prize in Literature?
In 2019, at the time of her appointment as the prime minister, which politician became the world's youngest female prime minister?
It means 'flat island' in the local language and its highest point is 22 meters above sea level, Flatey is an island located in the northern part of which European country?
According to Exodus 34:27-28, where was Moses when he fasted for forty days?
The name of what type of pasta means "little worms"?

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