The much-awaited time of the year is here! Tickets, check. Passport, check. Foreign currency, check. You are confident that you are holiday ready. But are you, really?

Even on a holiday, excitement can give way to emergencies when you least expect. Accidents, illnesses, flight cancellations, lost baggage are just some of the holiday horrors that can throw you completely off-guard. That’s why it’s time to revise your checklist to include travel insurance, a simple necessity that is overlooked by millions of holidaymakers, often with regrets.

Like many others, if you find yourself asking the question, “Is travel insurance worth it?” It is! And let us tell you why you should never leave on holiday without it.

Medical Emergency Support

A hiking trip cut short by a twisted ankle. A beach holiday ruined by a bacterial infection. Desert drive or sand-dune bashing can end with a dislocated shoulder. A medical emergency is a nightmare for any traveler. Doctor’s fees and hospital bills in an unfamiliar medical set-up can leave you high and dry. Travel insurance covers all your medical expenses abroad, depending on the cover chosen. All you have to do is focus on recovery, without stressing yourself out.

Cancelled and Rescheduled Flight Refunds

There’s nothing more frustrating than your holiday being grounded by cancelled or rescheduled flights and missed connections. It not only throws even the best-made travel plans off-track, but your holiday budget goes for a toss, too, with re-bookings, stays and detours. Travel insurance covers expenses related to flight fiascos so that you don’t have to loosen the purse strings before even taking off.

Lost Luggage Replacements

You arrive at your holiday destination, but your checked-in bags never show up! Lost in transit, is the answer you get from the airlines. Worse still, you are out in the city sightseeing and turn around to see your bag missing. Smoothly stolen! In either of these situations, you will have to incur expenses while replacing the essential lost items. If you have travel insurance, you can get reimbursed for it.

Car Hire Coverage

Renting a car and driving around in a new place can get daunting at times. Apart from the cost of car rental, there are hidden charges or ‘excesses’ that you might have to pay if you are involved in an accident – even if you weren’t at fault and the damages are minor. With travel insurance, you are covered against such unforeseen expenses on the road.

Personal Liability Protection

The best part of a holiday is meeting new people and experiencing unique things. But sometimes things can quickly get out of hand if you are found responsible for someone’s injuries or damages to property, even if it was unintentional. Such unpredictable legal issues and ensuing expenses can get tricky unless you have the right travel insurance that protects you against accidental losses.

From planning detailed itineraries to booking bestselling tours and stays, you don’t spare any efforts at making your holiday perfect. So why not protect and foolproof it against unforeseen events and mishaps? Travel insurance gives you the peace of mind and confidence to explore and have fun without anxieties. After all, a holiday should be memorable, not miserable.

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