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Welcome to your Check your Facts:11

Which music artist collaborated on "Right There" with Big Sean, "Popular Song" with Mika, "The Way" with Mac Miller, and "Almost Is Never Enough" with Nathan Sykes in her debut studio album "Yours Truly"?

Who were the last team before India to beat Australia in a Test cricket match at the Gabba, Brisbane? Hint, it happened in 1988.

What portable exercise machine, invented in the 1960s by Gert F. Kolbel, was designed for strength training?

The protagonists 'Jesse and Celine' meet in Vienna in Before Sunrise. Ten years later, they both meet in which city, in the sequel, Before Sunset?

After resigning in 2013, what Pope gained the title "Pope Emeritus"?

Nicknamed the "Pearl of the French Alps," what is the largest city in the Haute-Savoie department?

In literature, Who was Shakespeare's Prince of Denmark?

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican national. Her mother was Mexican; however, her father was born in which country before settling in Mexico?

It is one of the two liquid elements at room temperature, and the story goes the Brits used the compounds of this element to suppress the libido of their troops, though with limited success. What element?

In English Grammar, two words that sound alike but are spelt differently are called __________.

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