The Art exhibition in Galerie Kunst Zürich Süd in Adliswil offered Noopur Shrivastav a glimpse into the tranquillity of art and the world of artists. Titled ‘Creativity and the art of seeing’, the exhibition showcased the works of 10 women artists from different genres. 

Creativity is a word with endless interpretations, dimensions, and ways of portrayal. While the world around us seems to be whizzing past at uncontrollable speed, An artist’s easel mellows everything down, you start a dialogue with yourself through artwork. It is amazing how an artist looks at the microcosm in nature that we fail to notice. They pause for a moment, hold it in their heart, and patiently portray it on their canvas in hours, days, and at times weeks. 

The company of artists is always inspiring and calming. Visiting the Art exhibition in Galerie Kunst Zürich Süd in Adliswil was like a trip in the tranquillity of art and the world of artists. The exhibition titled  ‘Creativity and the art of seeing’, showcased the works of 10 women artists from different genres. 


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It was interesting to watch their strokes, read the title of their work, and know more about these artists who opened the windows of their hearts to the world. Observe their work, read the story about their work in silence and you will feel the power of the artist. 

As the COVID-related restrictions relaxed, the artists put an array of their precious work on the walls of Kunsthaus. So, as you enter and follow the arrows, you first see the work of contemporary wood artist Marika Rosenius. Originally from Finland, nature is her biggest inspiration. In her words: “I am deeply influenced by the chaotic order and the complexity of nature, which is at the core of my work”. Her paintings depict her deep love and respect for nature. 





Following the red arrows, you meet Gwen Arendsen next. “My aim is to create paintings that bring a sense of both calm and intrigue the observer….” Gwen has enjoyed creative work since her childhood, but her recent works are more about abstract art with acrylics. According to her, “this technique simply broke inner boundaries…” and the experiment with this technique has given her the joy of creating her work. 


Next, you find ‘What on Earth’ by Minna Ahlberg. A landscape painting showcasing different elements of mother earth. 

As you tread further, you can feel spring in the air, vibrant, tulips and roses dancing in the hedge of green leaves. After all, Spring is Artist Bijal Ghelani’s favorite time of the year. Her love for nature is evident in all her work. Be it eventuality or blossoming, companionship or passion in the air. There is a bouquet telling their beautiful stories quietly. 



Then comes the artwork of New Zealand’s fashion designer Leena Suokas. Her childhood experiences with sewing taught her how lines and color, work in mysterious ways. You need to stop for a moment to observe your surroundings from a different angle. Leena believes personal stories, experiences, values are extremely important elements in planning, designing, and decorating your home. “Capturing a moment which will never repeat itself quite the same creates a story that can repeat itself”, writes Leena. Her words left me wondering at the beauty of the thoughts of artists.




Next up on the wall are the lens work of Susanne Scherer. Her photographs show how she looks at the micro and macro world around her, and in the snap of a moment,  holds it forever for the world to see. Susanne is Swiss and has always been interested in different forms of arts; be it music, theatre, painting, or photography. She has been travelling a lot and capturing the world through her lens in her distinct style. She has been exhibiting her work since 2001. Photography is very dear to her as she beautifully states on her website: “It is a form of capturing the ‘beauty of life’ in all its facets and realizing that all things around us and with which we live every day can change into something meaningful, beautiful and poetic.” Her black-and-white photographs are poetry from Susanne’s camera.



Siham Itani is another remarkable painter whose work is on display. Siham is a Swiss-Lebanese artist, for whom, “Art was a medium to escape the horrors of the Lebanese civil war.” She loves to show her creativity through paintings of horses. As she writes, “Painting horses goes back to a childhood passion for horseback riding. My love for these majestic animals inspired me to illustrate their beauty, power, and grace….”






Another international artist, Lina Zeidan, showcases her work highlighting her love for the Swiss mountains. Her work shows Matterhorn in different shades through a range of colours.




Next is the Finnish artist Petra Miettinen, who now lives in Switzerland. She emphatically says in her portfolio, “Being a Finn, nature, environment, and animals are always present, and a big part of my art is just who I am”. 

Petra further adds, “My motives are what I feel at the moment, what I need to get out of my system and paint. I find that paintings with oils, I can express that. In my art, I try to create something that is an energetic balance of harmony and sometimes with a twist. To show beauty in the fleeting moment, because life is too short.”

Life is too short for all of us. Let us cherish good times, good memories and share our passion. Love what you truly believe in and spread positive vibes. In case you missed the exhibition you can have a virtual tour via this link.



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