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Welcome to your Check your Facts 16

North of Shanghai, the Yangtze River flows into which sea?

Which was John Grisham's first novel?

We all love berries, don't we? Which of the following berries is the only one that is actually a berry in the botanical sense?

Sea shanty is a genre of folk songs sung by the people who worked aboard large merchant sailing vessels. Which 2021 sea shanty song by Nathan Evans became a hit?

Which South American country was named after a city in Italy?

From which scientist is the famous philosophical statement "Cogito, ergo sum"(I think; therefore I am)?

At the 2021 Oscars ceremony, which movie received the maximum nominations with ten?

Not an egg to consume for health benefits. What is the Japanese term that literally translates to "egg watch" or "lovable egg"?

In the 1980s hit TV series, CHiPs, the letters H and P stand for Highway and Patrol. What location is indicated by the letter 'C'?

In which country did Viktor Yushchenko serve as the President from 2005 to 2010?

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