It is never too late to work towards something that you love. Just ask Ajay Shankar! Nayana Chakrabarti and her children tell us more about this debut book for kids.

Zurich-based Ajay Shankar, the author of ‘The Elephant and the Peanut’ is a product manager for a language education company. He has always been a writer and he has always enjoyed writing poetry.

After his son was born, the idea of writing children’s stories in rhyme was also born and he wrote the first draft of the story that became ‘The Elephant and the Peanut’.  As his children grew older, he revised it and then took advantage of his free time during the pandemic to publish it.

If you haven’t yet read ‘The Elephant and the Peanut’…Then, you’re in for a treat! It is a lovely little rhyming, illustrated picture book about unlikely and unexpected friendships.  My little reviewers at home enjoyed the challenging vocabulary but also enjoyed how the pictures helped them to make sense of what was happening.

The story follows the adventures of a little elephant who has been separated from his mother. He wanders into a village and is, at first, greeted with suspicion. The villagers don’t know how to deal with a hungry elephant! However, the gentle interventions of a brave, little boy ensure that everything ends happily.

Be sure to check it out! Perhaps it will help you create stories of your own!


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