“Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”

The winds of change are here, the trees are slowly but steadily moving from the fresh greens to burnt orange, red and gold hues. The season of hot beverages and chilly evenings is upon us again! This quiet transition of nature is a good time for us to slow down, get ourselves ready for winter and nurture and nourish ourselves.

Nourishment comes in many forms and shapes, and this month, we give you food for thought and food for the soul in the form of articles that will take you through this season of continuous change.

Annjali Shah talks about her new show ‘Chandini & Roshni’ – a performance with a life of its own as Annjali charters through the set-up of the storyline and choreography. She shares an insight into the making of the performance in this interview by Aradhna Sethi.

A visit to the pumpkin patch is always inspiring and brings in wonderful new ideas. This time around, pumpkin dinner rolls are on Chetana Parameswar’s mind. She shares her take on the season’s beloved pumpkin, and turns it into exquisite dinner rolls that we can’t wait to try!

The serene lakes, sun-lit peaks, cuisine, and luxury stores of St. Moritz are famous all over the world. Treat your eyes and soul by stepping into the dome-shaped elegant building – the Segantini Museum. Noopur Shrivastav takes us on a tour and gives us inspiration for our Autumn and Winter travels.

Smita Swamy shares the perfect DIY art tutorial using the beautiful Indian Warli art form to create your own lampshade.

In the language corner this month, Samvidha Srinath shares a few conversational phrases you can use while talking about college admissions, in English, German and French.

In his monthly column, ‘Check your facts’, Rajan Thambehalli encourages us to prod those brain cells and answer this monthly quiz.

This month’s issue of Young Voices is as jam-packed as ever! Avik Shrivastav has written about his trip to the Temprodrom in Winterthur. Samanvay Ray has written about his trip to Italy and France while Ishaan Parameshwar has reviewed a book for us. Kabir Jena has made a video about his trip to Technorama while Hasini Natarajan has made a DIY instructional video of a parachute craft. In our gallery section, we have entries from Ashvi Shrivastav, Adrita Sanyal, Adhira Ghosh, Srihan Kundu, Adam Yadav, Trisha Patil and Yashika Chaudhury.

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Illustration by Sharanya Mageshwaran


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