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Welcome to your Check your Facts 20

Which war began with the Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia?

Jet Ski is a brand name introduced and manufactured by which Japanese company?

In August 2021, the Tigray Defense Forces seized the UNESCO World Heritage of Lalibela. In which country?

In 1831, who discovered electromagnetic induction?

A non-drying oil is an oil which doesn't harden when exposed to air. Colza oil is an example of this, obtained from the seeds of which bright-yellow flowering member?

Who received a Nobel Prize for both Chemistry and Peace?

Kerns and Alpnach are two villages located in which small canton of Switzerland? The largest town and capital of this canton has a lake named after it.

The capybara is the largest living rodent native to which continent?

Which fashion editor's father worked as an editor of the London Evening Standard (1959-1976)?

Nabucco is an 1841 opera in four acts composed by which Italian composer?

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