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Welcome to your Check your Facts 20

Which war began with the Austro-Hungarian invasion of Serbia?
Kerns and Alpnach are two villages located in which small canton of Switzerland? The largest town and capital of this canton has a lake named after it.
The capybara is the largest living rodent native to which continent?
Which fashion editor's father worked as an editor of the London Evening Standard (1959-1976)?
In August 2021, the Tigray Defense Forces seized the UNESCO World Heritage of Lalibela. In which country?
A non-drying oil is an oil which doesn't harden when exposed to air. Colza oil is an example of this, obtained from the seeds of which bright-yellow flowering member?
Who received a Nobel Prize for both Chemistry and Peace?
Nabucco is an 1841 opera in four acts composed by which Italian composer?
Jet Ski is a brand name introduced and manufactured by which Japanese company?
In 1831, who discovered electromagnetic induction?

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