Have you ever imagined what it’s like inside an igloo? On this ski vacation, Noopur Shrivastav had a unique and unforgettable experience at the Igloo Dorf (Igloo village hotels) at Gstaad.

Igloo village hotels are open to guests from the end of December up to mid-April in Davos Klosters, Gstaad, Zermatt, Kühtai (Austria), and Zugspitze (Germany). Despite the challenges of nature, weather and altitude, the team at Igloo Dorf ensures that the guests have a cozy and unique experience during their stay.  2000 meters above sea level, these snow huts make their guests curious and excited. After checking in at the open bar, the guest is offered a welcome drink, and there’s an array of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks to choose from. And, if you thought the Glühwien season is over, you are in for a surprise at the Igloo Dorf.

Igloo Dorf in der Schweiz

Once at the Igloo Dorf, the sunset view is unmissable! Book yourself into a Thermalbad and experience the breathtaking view and watch the sky changing into colours of gold, yellow and orange.

Igloo Dorf in der Schweiz

After the welcome drink, you are taken on a tour of the Igloo. You instantly feel the perfect blend of nature and technology. This uneven bumpy white structure on the outside has a perfectly curated corridor inside and a cozy restaurant with an ice sculpture as its centerpiece.

Igloo Dorf in Switzerland

Stay and Food

There are different rooms that can accommodate two to six guests at a time. Usually, there is a common toilet for the guests; however, some higher-priced rooms are available with attached toilets. One thing to take note of is that the toilets here are dry and there is no running tap water or shower. Each room at the Igloo Dorf has a unique design. Every room is carved and decorated distinctively. Artistically used lights and wall carvings make every room look special and inviting. Igloo Dorf in Gstaad can accommodate over 50 guests at a time and they also offer services for weddings and other special occasions. The Dorf hotel offers a great variety of Swiss cuisine, cheese, fondue, meats, desserts, and drinks. If you have specific food requests, it’s best to check with the hotel.

Igloo Village in Switzerland


After dinner, we hit the slopes. Yes, it’s dark but secure. The hotel provides snowshoes and poles for the hikers and they make sure that they are fastened properly so that you enjoy the walk at night.

The place is family- and child-friendly. Kids get to play in the snow, build a snowman, mini Igloo, snow angels, or just roll in the snow. Igloo Dorf also hosts live music shows. They have a beautiful ice-sculpted stage and an amphitheater with ice steps to enjoy the performance.

Igloo Dorf in Switzerland

The Igloo Sleepover Experience

After an hour of snowshoeing, head back to the Dorf and soak into the jacuzzi under the starry sky. The temperature outside dips to below zero, while the water keeps you warm at 40 degrees. You may want to head to the sauna before going to the igloo.

Igloo Village in Switzerland

Finally, you hit the sack, and snuggle in the sleeping bag that keeps you cozy even when the temperature dips to -40 Celsius. The temperature inside the igloo is normally maintained at zero degrees to save it from melting and also to not make it too cold for the guests. As the temperature outside the sleeping bag is zero degrees, it is recommended that you sleep with a woolly nightcap on.

Once your sleeping bag is warm enough with body heat, you can sleep comfortably through the night. One can ring for morning coffee/tea to be served inside the igloo to keep you warm just before breakfast.

On my visit,  as we stepped outside, there was fresh snow all around as my family and I stepped out of the igloo for a hearty English breakfast in the hut.

After checking out from the Igloo, you can take advantage of fresh snow and ski, snowboard, sledge, or go for a snow walk just to soak in the moment before hitting the road. It is never enough to thank the people working in these hotels as they tirelessly try to make your stay warm, comfortable, and memorable in all manners possible.

This trip certainly makes for a simple, unique, natural, and unforgettable experience.

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