String lights are part of most of our festive decorations. Make them look more colourful and unique with some super easy DIYs that you can create with things lying around at home.

Here are three easy ways to add colour and design to your lights and make them all the more festive.

The Tassels

Materials required for Tassels

Materials needed

  1. Ribbons – I used yellow and pink
  2. Scissors
  3. Craft glue for ribbons



Step 1: Take a thin ribbon and cut it into 6 strips of approximately 7 cm each.

Strips for tassel

Step 2: Cut two more strips of 4 cm each and glue the long strips on one short strip making sure they overlap. Glue the other short strip on top to make a seal.

Ready Tassel

Step 3: Once dry, wrap it around one bulb of the serial lights and secure it with glue or sticky tape.

Tassel to stick

Voila! You have your very pretty light dressed up in tassels. You can use one colour or many coloured tassels and decorate your lights.

Tassel on lights

Glittering cones

Glittering cones Materials Needed

Materials needed

  1. Card papers – I used blue and red
  2. Bronze spray paint
  3. Hole punches – I used a flower shape and a circular one
  4. Compass to draw circles or a bowl to trace a circle
  5. Ruler
  6. Pencil
  7. Scissors
  8. Glue


Step 1: Start by spray painting one side of the card paper.

Cone Spray Painting

Step 2: Draw circles of about 6 cm radius using a compass or trace out the circle with the help of a bowl and cut them out.

Cones Step 2

Step 3: Cut the circles in half and punch holes in the design you like on the rounded corners of the semi circles.

Cones Step 3

Step 4: Apply glue on one half of the straight edge and glue the other half of the straight edge together to form a cone making sure the shiny side is inside. Leave a small gap at the tip to leave space for the bulb.

Cones Step 4

Step 5: Once dry, insert a bulb into the cone and secure with a sticky tape if needed.

Finished Cone

Done! It’s delightful to watch the light reflect on the shiny inner side of the cone while it twinkles through the holes.

Floral lights

Flowers Materials NeededMaterials needed

  1. Crepe paper – I used yellow and Orange papers
  2. Twine/thread to tie the petals to the light
  3. Scissors
  4. Ruler
  5. Pencil


Step 1: Cut the crepe papers into equal strips of approximately 14 cm X 6 cm making sure that the grains are along the longer side of the paper.

Steps to make flowers

Step 2: Gather the center part of a strip and make a pinch and twist it once. Now fold it backward at the twist to form a petal as shown. Make 5 such petals as shown.

Steps to make the flower

Step 3: Gather the petals and wrap them around a bulb and tie them together with a thread. You can secure the flower to the bulb using a sticky tape if needed.

Finished Flower

Your beautiful flower decoration is ready! It looks super cute during the day when the lights are off and diffuses light softly at night when the lights are on.

Do try out these simple decoration this season and let us know which your favourite is.

Photos by Manasa Mukka

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