Namaste Switzerland, the media partner for ‘Jhalak’, shares a brief report on the event that took place on August 25-26, 2018.

Finally, the day had arrived. The weather was cooler after the uncharacteristic scorching summer this year. Rain and sunshine played hide-and-seek as the co-organizers, stall- and workshop-holders, food caterers and entertainment managers scurried about setting up their activity areas.

‘Jhalak’ – organized by the Indian Association of Greater Zurich (IAGZ) and Stuti Aga Dance Company (SADC) officially opened to the visitors at noon.

The event brought together small business entrepreneurs who presented their works and workshops over two days. Over 35 workshops, including traditional and folk dances and music, painting, meditation, yoga, photography and more, were held on the different floors of GZ Buchegg. Henna and food stalls lured the visitors to the outdoors.

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“An event that represents our entire culture at one place has been on my mind for years,” says Stuti Aga, founder of SADC. “This year, in March, I approached the IAGZ – the largest Indian organization in Zurich – with my initial idea and requested them for their support.”

Photo of the organizers Ankita Thaker, president IAGZ, and Stuti AgaAnkita Thaker, the current President of the IAGZ and her team loved the initial idea. Brainstorming sessions between IAGZ and SADC led this idea from being just a thought to being a full-fledged concept. And the realization of this concept turned into a large-scale event called ‘Jhalak’. “We decided to combine workshops, food, art, music, and culture. The team began calling up people who could enhance and add to the programme,” states Ankita.

While the food and workshops teams came together to present their best to the guests at ‘Jhalak, the music performers and dance teams including guest performers from within the community and the IAGZ, Delhi-based Amitabh Reu a seasoned singer and stage artist in India, and SADC came together to present ‘Jalwa’.

Amitabh Reu (known in Zurich for his performance, ‘Yaadon ki Baraat’, in 2017), was flown in by IAGZ and SADC for this event. Smita Kishore (IAGZ supporter and the one who first found the Delhi-based artist) supported the event by ensuring that Amitabh and Stuti could pool their efforts under a cohesive theme.

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A gracious Ankita Thaker tells us, “We are a solid team. Putting together the event was challenging and fun since it required a lot of planning and coordination. The idea behind ‘Jhalak’ was to bring a multicultural experience under one roof. In this respect, it’s a first-time approach.”

The two-day event was also sponsored by Tamarind Hill. Magic Dots Events created the stage and entrance decor at the event.

And, for Namaste Switzerland, it was a pleasure to support ‘Jhalak’ as media partners in a debut collaboration with IAGZ and SADC.

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