This year has been one hot Indian summer in Switzerland – and in most of Europe. Most of us have had a well-deserved lovely, long summer holiday. And now, for many, it’s back to school, back to work, back to routine, back to life or simply – back on track.

Namaste Switzerland has worked through its holiday season to make its first public presence through a collaborative event. And has ensured that the ‘On Track Again’, September 2018 issue is yet another interesting one.

We profile Ruby Bakshi Khurdi of Montreux who has been, of late, making waves in her arena of public speaking. She’s been on an achievement and award-winning spree.

We also feature Shivangi Walke, who leveraged her professional experience as a learning and development professional to begin her own mentorship program for women leaders and co-found a company that provides soft-skills leadership programs to the Swiss workplace.

We speak to Arun Balajee who tells us more about what some of the Indian students are doing to make the integration of new Indian students at ETH easier and better.

The end of summer holidays marks the beginning of the new academic year. We bring you a brief guide on the local school system in Switzerland, which is decentralized and independent – yet has one aim: to ensure that your young ones are equipped to handle their adult, professional lives.

In our ‘My Story’ – Indranil Bhattacharya, a scientist, a fitness enthusiast, and a lifestyle consultant tells us about his fitness regime, his fitness association -‘Write Your Own Prescription’ (WYOP) and his startup – Indirun.

Read about how a group of women came together to organize a fundraiser for the Kerala floods, managing to raise 2,500 CHF in 3 days.

Take a look at the recipe section and get inspired to create a nutritious snack for yourself and your children, to help them get through a packed school day.

Learn some ‘Back to school phrases’ in three languages spoken in Switzerland in our Language Corner.

We hope we’ve helped and inspired you to get ‘back on track’ again!

Disclaimer: Namaste Switzerland does not undertake any financial, reputational, legal, misrepresentational or other obligation or liability which may arise from the content of this article.