Come rain or sunshine – Namaste Switzerland is here for your infotainment. So as the clouds part, thunders roll in and out – the sun plays hide and seek this summer, we work diligently to put together another entertaining issue for you.

Give wing to your creativity just before the summer break. Try out mixed-media work of art as explained by Smita Swamy, or get experimental with ‘Sanjhi’ – the Indian art of paper cutting as shown by Jeyanthi Dravidamani.

Ipsita Barua gets you to be a fantastic photographer as she reveals insight into putting your phone camera to its best use for that ideal shot.

Weekend brunches are always a luxury. Vantika Singh takes you through her favourite eateries in Zurich.

Are you thinking of adventurous summer vacation ahead? Check out Nidhi Dinesh’s maiden hike to Mount Batur – an active volcano on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Talk about nostalgia… share memories and learnings. In this issue we speak with Karumbunathan who made Switzerland home over 30 years ago; his daughter Vallikannu who tells us more about growing up as a second generation Indian.

Some off you are perhaps planning on getting a job. Pragati Siddhanti tells you to invest this time you have in yourself – get equipped with a degree or a certificate course, or just renew your skills because Switzerland really values your academic accolades.

Nupur Biswas, a professionally certified yoga coach and the founder of Mumbai-based NuYoga collaborates with Namaste Switzerland as an online yoga instructor. Each month, Nupur teaches yoga through her videos, starting with the beginner level series. In her fourth video, she shows us a popular, easy and effective posture called the Matsyasana or the fish pose.

The sunny illustration for this issue is by Sharanya Mageshwaran.

Have a good read. Watch our videos. And do share your thoughts with us via mail or your valuable comments on the articles. 

Enjoy the weather!

Team Namaste Switzerland

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