Ritesh Sood of Primea Group GmBH is a people’s person, and a qualified expert with his specialized and focused approach to offer the right advice when you consider getting, changing, renewing your insurance. What’s more, he aims at making his company the ‘go-to’ place for all matters of insurance.

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Born in Austria, Ritesh Sood completed his education in economics in Graz. As he engaged in various customer-related jobs to finance his studies, he was quick to realise that his true happiness lay in work that involved personal interaction with customers. “One day, I felt the urge to move to Switzerland and start my life afresh. I had no idea about job demands, lifestyles or securities, yet there was this strong force pulling me towards Switzerland. Strangely, a week later in 2014, an old friend called to say that his partner’s company in Switzerland was looking for sales people in finance. That was it! I moved. And, I love the multicultural life here and peace among the people. I have friends, colleagues from all over the world and find it very interesting to hear their stories how they ended up living here.”

A fast learner with the will to make a positive difference

Ritesh was quick to learn the ropes and gathered the basic and technical knowledge. His social and sales skills improved and he became an expert in the company. But, sensing that the company was not heading towards sustainability, he decided to take his own flight into entrepreneurship. “I used all my savings and invested them into the right education and material needed.” Specialised in the finance sector and mindset training, Ritesh went on to complete his education with ‘Versicherungsvermittler VBV Ausbildung’ in 2017.

He continues, “My dream was to always work with my own principles, be free to decide and change the image of the insurance field.” And that’s how, with a vision to be the single point of contact for financial and insurance consultancy, he created Primea Group GmBH.

With the desire to be the SPOC of finance and insurance matters

The 29-year-old debonaire is clearly a people’s person. He says, “I love dealing with people, interacting with them, and cutting away the frills to present them with a customised financial and insurance solution. I love working with my clients towards end-to-end lean and meaningful solutions. My asset is also the ability to German, Hindi and English – and to be always be reachable from 9:00am to 20:00pm – something that the typical consultant won’t do.”

Motivated, ambitious and optimistic, he says, “I want to be the single and most reliable consultant for my people before, during and after the contract is completed. There is so much information and legal ways to save premiums, increase services or simply use the right services, which people don’t know about. So, if there is a need in my community regarding these questions, I will be happy to help.”

A trust-based business engagement

At Primea, the aim is to find out clients’ exact needs and connect the right products to them. Ritesh says, “Insurance requires a lot of trust as the insured risks are very sensitive. I know all my packages first hand because of personal experience . I can tell my clients the pros and cons of each service. In my opinion, many brokers focus too much on selling specific products and forget that we have to work based on the clients’ needs.”

“My field of specialisation is health insurance and life insurance (third pillar). Ritesh reiterates, “Insurance and finance based on trust. Trust has to be earned. So far I have consulted for 1,500 clients successfully and I am eager to focus on the Asian communities.”

So – don’t hold back. Address your queries to Ritesh Sood at Primea Group GmBH at:

Primea Group GmbH
Vorderdorfstrasse 3B, 5242 Birr
Call on: +41 76 392 48 52
Email at: sood@primeagroup.ch or info@primeagroup.ch
For more information, visit: www.primeagroup.ch

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