It’s been a hot summer – days of 30+C temperatures and the heatwave across Europe has warmed us right well enough, upped the Vitamin D-levels and now, slowly but surely, we are heading into cooler and shorter days. The piercing rays of the sun are subdued and gleam through the slightly orange and red leaves on trees that are at the cusp of change towards energy-saving winters.

We welcome the coolness and embrace change – but not before casting a look back at Summer 2019, with a degree of nostalgia…

Acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer, Vijaya Rao tells us of her journey of settling in and creating a unique place for herself as a performer in the Indo-Swiss cultural space.

Shinta Simon had the opportunity to read ‘She Speaks’ – a collection of stories from Indian women living abroad, over this summer. She reviews the book in this month’s issue.

Chetana Parameswar shares her son’s experiences at the Summer Garden Camp, where he learned the organic way of growing and cooking! A small but necessary step at the right time to mend the drastic climate change fence and step towards sustainability for the future. Chetana then takes us out of the summertime reverie with the delicious mouthwatering recipe of Apfelküchlein or Opfelchüechli – very typical of Swiss Autumn.

Closer to the latter part of 2019, Ritesh Sood reminds us to take stock of our insurance policies and share a few tips that can make all the difference. He invites you for a free consultation. Please don’t forget to mention to him that you heard about his offers and services through Namaste Switzerland.

Nayana Chakrabarti seeks out a bookshelf fit for third-generation kids (TCK) or who we call the traveling children. From a range of books for festivals lined up ahead to other fun-and-learning reads, she lists out some of her fantastic finds.

Adarsh Vikram Narayanaswamy always enjoyed the racket-inclusive sport. When he moved to Europe for higher studies, he realised that he could play all his favourite games in one single tournament – The Racketlon. And Adarsh’s passion made him the first Indian to win the doubles title of world tournament in Racketlon – Berlin Open held earlier this year. He took the silver in the Swiss Open in the same category. Inspirational, indeed.

Talking of fitness, this time yoga expert and entrepreneur, Nupur Biswas, tells us the benefits of ‘Utkatasana’ as her video guides us into the pose.

So as the seasons change, let’s embrace the concept with small healthy steps for more fun and fitness-filled lifestyle!

Illustration by Manasa Mukka

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