Namaste Switzerland scores a hat trick!

With this issue, we turn 3! It’s been a fantastic journey of growth and change – but the driving force behind our interesting ride has been your continued support, engagement with us as readers, and your encouragement! A massive thank you to each one of you – behind the screens of your handhelds, laptops and computers. 

Over three years, we have grown beyond our Namaste Switzerland family of 4 women co-founders to a buzzing community of contributors, columnists and collaborators of both genders… So first of all we wish all the women on the team and the wonderful ladies out there a happy and bubbly women’s international day! And then, we thank our men within our families and the work front for their contributions and motivational support.

This issue promises to be a blast as it brings in a close encounter with none other than renowned musical maestro, Zakhir Hussain. The legendary tabla maestro, who was recently in Zurich, takes us on a musical journey, in which he tells Aradhna Sethi about his connection with Switzerland, cherished moments from his career, and more. Incidentally, Aradhna reminds him of his flamboyant nature when she first met him professionally 20 years ago. A tete-a-tete with a legend, you don’t want to miss!

Principle physicist at CERN, Geneva, Dr Archana Sharma and her team can be credited with building muon detectors for the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment, that discovered the Higgs-Boson “God” Particle in 2012. Gayatri Muthukrishnan interviews Dr Sharma, a role model for young aspiring scientists. With this achiever’s interview, we celebrate the women of science!

Artist and writer Brindarica Bose recently visited the ‘Van Gogh Alive’ – a multisensory international exhibition in Maag Halle, Zurich. The experience was overwhelming, she says, and tells us more about the experience.

Can a convict change? Can one incident transform a person completely? The musical ‘Les Misérables’ answers these questions. Sowgandhika Krishnan reviews the classic musical. 

Haldi Kumkum has a unique aspect of social engagement and has slowly grown out of its traditional fold in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Goa to wider regions. Deepak Vishwakarma tells us more about the celebration in Zurich. 

Hormones kick in… and they kick out… Ujjaini Roy lets us in on her tips to prepare for the roller coaster ride that Perimenopause can send a woman on. She helps us identify the symptoms and how nutrition plays a key role in helping one’s body through this phase. 

This March, our quizzing partner, Qwizzeria comes to you in a new format – a monthly quiz! Ready to challenge your grey cells yet?

The Swiss insurance makes it all easier by paying towards it. Join that Yoga class you always wanted to, get sweating in the gym of your choice, even relax in a thermal bath. Ritesh Sood tells you more on how to be fit with an insurance plan that guarantees good health.

All this and more in our March issue! 

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Illustrations by Sharanya Mageshwaran

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