It’s the season of reflection, and this year has given us plenty to think about. To all our readers who have borne the brunt of the pandemic, and seen disruptions, empty seats at the family table and much more, we wish you strength and hope for a better and brighter year ahead.

Despite the tough year we have had, we believe it’s the season to embrace the good that has come our way this year!

This month, we bring you a selection of creative crafts, DIYs and recipes, pandemic-friendly travel ideas, and ………. a brand new column! ‘Young voices’ is exactly that – a platform for the younger writers, artists and blossoming creative minds in Switzerland.

Ujjaini Roy revisits memories from Christmas holidays in the Austrian Alpine town Seefeld. She shares child-friendly activities, must-see places and gives you suggestions for the winter break.

Vantika takes us to Greece and shares her travel experience and tips from her recent trip during Covid times.

Smita Swamy shares an easy and fun festive pop-up card tutorial with our readers. Make them and gift your friends and loved ones this festive season!

Chetana Parameswar brings in some much needed festive cheer, by making her own salt dough ornaments to embellish her family’s little Christmas tree.

Samvidha Srinath came across the work of many nail art enthusiasts and influencers on YouTube and Instagram, and soon it became her hobby. She shares an easy festive-themed nail art tutorial.

Aradhna Sethi shares her positive take on 2020 in her light-hearted article.

Take our monthly interactive quiz, created exclusively for our readers, by the quizzing consultancy, Qwizzeria.


In this inaugural issue of Young Voices, Niyati reflects on the education that was and weighs up online-home-schooling during the Swiss lockdown against the regular school. Kanhai begins a new creative writing series which begins at Christmas but continues… Well, you’ll just have to read and find out, won’t you? In our Art Gallery, you will find an assorted array of art created by the students of Baden-based artist, Sumana Roy Chowdhury. Each budding artist has responded in their own unique way to the prompt of ‘Advent’ and the traditional Swiss tradition of the ‘Adventkranz’.

Click on the logo to read the articles on our brand new Young Voices website!

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