Celebrating the journeys of some of the women of substance, who have changed the course of their life to create their unique niches in different geographies. 

Life is a journey. We learn and discover many things on the way. At different stages, our priorities change, and we don new roles and learn new skills. For many women, working full time is not possible after embracing motherhood. Or because of the constantly shifting job locations of their spouses.  

The urge to do something doesn’t just die away. ‘Trailing spouses’ often discover and reinvent themselves, directing their energy in doing something they are passionate about. After years of gap, or discovering their passion, these women have found their true callings in creative work. They look at the world through their own lens. They share their creativity and spread positivity through their work and inspire others to pursue their passion.

In this article, we celebrate some of the women who are creative, unique, and impactful in their own ways. The best part is that they have found their passion, they know what makes them happy. They have a unique way of spreading happiness. 

They don’t teach or preach, but you take something from them along. Unknowingly they radiate positive energy and make this world a better place.

 As I share some of these stories, I leave this write-up open for you readers to continue this story, inspiring each other by adding value to each other’s life. 

Chinmayee Nayak, England 

Chinmayee found her passion for photography and started portrait and nature photography.

She did her MCA and worked in a consulting company. Then, she started to travel with her husband on his job postings. A mother of two, she knew full-time work was not doable.

Until very recently all she knew was, she enjoyed clicking and carrying a camera everywhere she went. She would click pictures and people instantly fell in love with them.

Recently she started her photography business by capturing beautiful moments and memories of people’s life. “I had been passionate about photography for a long time. After many years of experimenting with my camera, I decided to take it to a professional level and started learning the technical aspects in more detail”, says Chinmayee.

Although I started with landscapes, I have always had a strong passion to photograph people and families and help create memories for the generations to come, cherishing those beautiful pieces of art in their happy place called ‘Home’. I want people to feel good about themselves by creating beautiful portraits for them. For me the most satisfying part of photography is to capture those precious moments of family and nature, and bring a smile on people’s faces when they see this art on their walls,” she shares. 

Flumserberg photo by Chinmayee

Nivedita Mandal, Horgen, Zurich

Mother of two, she works full time post her  MBA. Nivedita is popular among her friends for her love for baking and amazing sweet treats. What she started initially as a hobby, was liked and loved by her acquaintances. She started baking more and gradually people started asking her if she could bake them. That marked the beginning of her baking journey. Be it a birthday, anniversary, or a coffee meet, it’s never over without Nivedita’s sweet treats. Now she posts her baking plans in advance for her friends and customers. 

Nivedita says,  “Baking is a hobby that I am pursuing more closely. As I baked for friends and family, I realized how much they enjoyed it. Many of my close friends motivated me to bake at a professional level and commercialize it to see how far it goes. So here I am – an amateur home baker getting into small scale business”.

 When asked about the most satisfying part of pursuing her hobby, she said, “Baking and trying out new techniques makes me push my boundaries, but ultimately seeing the smiles on people’s faces and their positive feedback gives me the motivation to continue and I enjoy this the most”.


Kavita Srivastav, Seattle

A full-time mom and homemaker now, she quit her job in the IT industry. She knew that she needed to do something that would keep her motivated and give her creative satisfaction. She loved painting, drawing, and decorating the house. During the lockdown, when the family was confined to four walls with homeschooling kids and work-from-home scenario for almost a year, she knew she had to do something, and so she started making dot art pieces for fun. She thought of selling these just to test the waters. And in no time, her pieces were all sold. This was the beginning of  Kavita’s creative journey.

Dot Art is a very time-demanding art form. Every piece takes at least 7-10 days to get into its final shape. So, she is realistic in taking up projects that she can deliver quality pieces to her friends and customers. She says,  “Dot Art gives me internal peace, explores my deeper self and expresses my creativity; and the outcome of Dot Art motivates me to do more…” 

Kavita Shrivastav's dot art

Neha Chandebhamar, Zurich

Neha portrays her creativity through needle and thread. Her Instagram and Facebook posts are a window to Neha’s heart and her way of looking at the world. Her threadwork portrays the beauty in a very clear, precise, neat way – and is a joy to look at.  

She mentions on her Facebook post: “Needle art is like meditation for me. I transform the blank white canvas to what is in my heart. And this brings sheer happiness”.

Neha's needlework image

Neha Kamal, Tokyo

Another mother from India and living in Tokyo at present is trained in International Teaching. Currently, she finds her creative outlet in writing poems and sharing her thoughts. She closely follows news around the world and her writings are a reflection of her take on the topic.

We all watch the news. We all have our own interpretations of the happenings. Neha’s work speaks of her personality as a writer and as a thinker.  She wants to consistently work and hone her skills. For her, the most satisfying part of pursuing her hobby is that “fresh feeling” after she has let her creativity loose.

The best part about these amazing young women is that they are all working and they will continue to discover themselves, adding value to the society they live in. 

There are amazing people around us, who inspire us with their positive actions, and we have the natural urge to imbibe some qualities from them. Please do share and applaud the actions of creative people around you.

Neha Kamal poem


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