As seasons changed, we all hoped that the pandemic situation would change, too.

As seasons changed,  we all hoped that the pandemic situation would change, too. We had hoped that it would disappear as quickly as it appeared. That  COVID-19 would be a thing of the past. But now, that hope budding in some corner of every heart seems like a distant ‘false alarm’. With the new wave, a new mutant thriving currently in India, no person of Indian origin seems to have remained truly untouched by the virus – whether it’s our friends, the parents of friends, our relatives, or someone who was once known to us as an acquaintance… News of being afflicted and surrounded by sadness has unfortunately taken a toll on almost everyone in some way or the other. 

We’ve prayed for our dear ones back home, given them hope that they would be safe and secure within the confines of their homes. But that hasn’t stopped thousands of people from dying each day. 

From what had become common terms and habits: sanitizers, washing hands, and masks – this time it was terms such as RT-PCR, Rapid Antibodies Test, Antigen Tests, ventilators, ICUs, oxygen, body bags that are being used in common parlance. And the supply of each of these is becoming a challenge with the burgeoning numbers – that are no longer just numbers – but, more often than not, a known person…  

Many of us refused to use the term ‘positive’ – for it now indicated risk – not optimism. Many paused their Whatsapps and social media channels to get away from the news. And many more felt helpless and lost. However, there has been the rise of many individuals and groups who have come together to get resources and critical medical aid to their motherland.

The Indian diaspora in Switzerland has set about mobilizing its own resources in multiple ways. Namaste Switzerland highlights the attempts and humbly requests you to join in – in the attempt to make India strong again.

The pandemic is changing parameters and paradigms in many areas. Muskaan Vaidya takes a look at the impact of the citation on the definitions of failure and success. What we were told – to what we have learned – is there a difference – and if so, what is it?

Shweta Shanker shares her point of view on individual ‘success stories’. She believes that a wholesome success story is one of its own, that’s not tarnished by the tinted glasses of comparison or judgement, and driven by this thought, she shares her ‘success story.

Noopur Shrivastav talks to artist Bijal Ghelani, who tells us that painting for her is like meditation; the act of calming and finding inner peace.

In our language corner, we bring to you phrases that you can use in your everyday life in Switzerland. Samvidha Srinath tells you how to chat in German and French when at a Bakery and order a coffee or cake.

Check out the ‘Qwizzeria’ column to take the monthly quiz created for our readers by Rajan.

And Chetana Parameswar adds a dose of sweetness through her delicious Rhubarb dessert that papas and children can arrange for a little coffee and cake afternoon for the beautiful mamas.

On that sweet note, we wish you all a pleasant journey into the latest edition of Namaste Switzerland.


As we move into the creative space, ‘Young Voices’ highlights, among other things, occasions that call for celebrations – Eid, International Mother’s Day, Earth Day.

In our issue this month, Ishaan Parameshwar introduces the first two chapters of his story about the magnificent Grimcodile. Adrita Sanyal pays a tribute to her mother. Eeshan Mishra talks about Chaitra Navratri. Ramya Vinoth from IAW (Indian Association Wettingen) has created an article for us all about Earth Day, why it means a lot and about all the hopes that the young members of IAW have about the future. In our art gallery, we have art from Samanvay Ray and Archisha Ray.

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