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Welcome to your Check your Facts 18

Which actress won her third Best Actress Oscar for her role as Fern in Nomadland?

La Belle Ferronnière, also known as the Portrait of an Unknown Woman, is a Leonardo da Vinci painting located in which museum?

What French city is the birthplace of strong-flavored mustard that bears its name?

What is the largest indigenous group in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico?

Which of these types of penguins is the only one to breed during an Antarctic winter?

Which English Premier League team is nicknamed "The Gunners" and features a cannon on its crest?

Let's get a bit specific; In the book Life of Pi, the title character thought that the whales understood his condition. What is the name of the whale that "introduced" himself to Pi?

Name the brightest star in the northern hemisphere.

Delémont is the capital of which Swiss canton?

The five Olympic rings are blue, red, green, yellow, and what other colour?

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