October’s here – and we look forward to festivals and celebration. The trend of celebrating Halloween in Switzerland is lately catching up amongst children and young adults.

The days are getting shorter and there seems to be more time being spent indoors than outdoors. This Halloween why not try to do some simple and interesting DIYs with your kids?

Halloween craft! It has something for everyone. You can make it as elaborate as you like or keep it really simple.
I am sharing my Halloween window design and I hope this gives you the inspiration to do some interesting Halloween décor.

Spooky ghost

Materials required

Materials required for spooky ghost for Halloween window decor

  • Butter paper cut into circles of approximately 20 cm diameter
  • Polystyrene balls ( You can get them at any DIY store, like Jumbo, Migros Do-it, Coop Bau und Hobby)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Black marker
  • Glue stick


Step 1: Apply glue on 2/3rds of the polystyrene ball.

Photo of applying glue to the styrofoam ball

Step 2: Stick the ball to the centre of the circular butter paper.

Photo of sticking and covering the ball with butter paper

Step 3: Draw eyes and mouth with a black marker, and you are done. An easy spooky ghost that flutters eerily in the wind!

Photo of the finished spooky ghost


Scary Spider

Materials required

Materials required for making a scary spider for Halloween window decor

  1. Black chart paper cut into 8 circles of approximately 10 cm diameter
  2. White paper cut in 2 small circles of approximately 1.5 cm for the eyes of the spider
  3. Black pipe cleaners cut in 8 pieces of approximately 12 cms length. You can get them at any DIY store, like Jumbo, Migros Do-it, Coop Bau und Hobby
  4. Pencil and eraser
  5. A pair of scissors
  6. Black marker
  7. Glue stick
  8. Hot glue gun


Step 1: Fold 7 circles in half as shown

Photo of folding black circular papers to make a scary spider

Step 2: Stick the 7 semi-circles on top of each other

Photo of sticking the semi-circles together to make the scary spider

Step 3: Open the free ends of the semi-circles (of semi-circle 1 and 7) and stick it to the circle.

Photo of sticking the pasted semi-circles to the base for making the scary spider

Step 4: Draw eyeballs on two small white circles. Fold the center 2 semicircles a little inward and stick the eyes on. Fold the pipe cleaners downward towards the end to form legs. Stick the 8 legs, 4 on either side, to the back of the spider’s body (on the flap just above the flat back).

Photo of putting the scary spider together

There you go! A super scary (or not!) spider.

Photo of the finished scary spider

Creepy Life-like Spider Web

Materials required

Materials required for spider web for Halloween window decor

  1. Black yarn
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue dots or double-sided tape





Step 1: Cut pieces of yarn of similar lengths and stick their ends on the window frame. Starting with two pieces of yarn, stick one end of each yarn, then twist them at the centre such that they meet at the center, and then stick the free ends down. Continue with the rest of the yarn so that they spread radially as seen in the image below.

Photo of frame of the spider web with black yarn

Step 2: Now take a long piece of yarn and tie a knot on one of the yarns of the frame towards the center.

Photo of weaving the yarn around the frame

Step 3: Weave the yarn around the frame making sure to go around each yarn length on the frame once to secure it. Pull at it slightly to create a shape. It need not be symmetrical. Go around the entire length of the frame making it look like a spider web.

Photo of the completed spider web

Putting the decoration together

Using double sided tape or glue dots, stick them to your window. My daughter Dhriti and I made a couple of more simple crafts and we had a lot of fun putting them up together. We made a few simple bats using black chart paper and a huge paper pumpkin. We used orange colored paper and shaded it in with colour pencils.

Here is the finished look during the day.

Halloween Window Decor during day

How are you celebrating Halloween? Comment below and share your Halloween decorations with us on our Facebook and Instagram. Happy Halloween!!!

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