The season of spring brings with it new life and growth. Deepthy Mundra brings us the perfect DIY to welcome spring. Enjoy a sunny spring morning with your children or as me- time, and add a dash of color to your garden.

Materials Required

  1. Square cardstock paper or felt of any color or printed
  2. Garden stick or cardboard roll (from toilet paper roll or kitchen paper roll)
  3. Round buttons or any pompom
  4. Googly eyes if you like (I haven’t used them, yet)
  5. Cotton
  6. Pencil, scissors, glue, sellotape


Step 1: Organise your material on a table



Step 2: Draw the image shown on paper or felt cloth.

Step 3: Cut along the lines as shown.


Step 4: Fold from the center and make a conical shape and glue in the last fold. You can use adhesive tape for paper and liquid glue for felt.


Step 5: If using a cardboard roll, glue the top part of the cardboard roll firmly and fit in the cone gently.



Step 6: For the cardboard roll, apply some glue on the cardboard stand and stick some loosened cotton for the beard of the gnome as shown in the picture.


Step 7: If making a gnome on a stick, stuff some loosened cotton into the gnome hat and stick using a strong adhesive. For both the stick and the cardboard gnome, place the round button or a small ball for the nose.



Step 8: Make polka dots on the paper gnome hat or stick round-shaped, or star-shaped stickers.



Step 9: Place these garden gnomes to beautify your balcony or garden and enjoy the bounty of spring!



Tip: Use the gnomes in a pot with soil and place the colored stones around the gnome. Alternatively, place them near the potted plants or use them as Easter gifts.


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