Time to set up your garden area or balcony. Smita Swamy shares a DIY using cement clay and mosaic stones.

Materials needed

  • Cement clay (Beton Knete)                                            smita ingredients
  • Mosaic tiles
  • Plastic wrap
  • Mushroom-shaped vessel
  • Old pot (long)
  • Strong glue
  • Water to shape/soften the clay as you work with it


  1. Wrap the outside of the vessel with plastic foil.
  2. Take some clay and start spreading it evenly throughout the surface. Use water whenever necessary and make the surface flat/smooth using fingertips.mosaic mushroom step1
  3. Prepare the pattern for the surface using the mosaic stones.mosaic mushroom step2
  4. While the clay is still soft start placing the mosaic tiles designs as shown in the picture.
    Tip: Press the stones firmly so that they are nicely placed. Leave an equal amount of space between the tiles to give it a nice smooth finish.mosaic mushroom step4
  5. Leave the finished mushroom head to dry for about 48 hours.
  6. Take a pot (either porcelain or plastic which you can paint and match to the mosaic tile colour). Using strong glue, stick the inner surface to the edge of the pot bottom.mosaic mushroom step 5
  7. Place this cute mushroom in your garden or balcony in a covered area.

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