Springtime: The much-awaited season of new beginnings, blooms and blossoms, colour and sunshine – Spring – is finally here! We hope that with the April sunshine, we can also look forward to a brighter and more positive year ahead.

Vantika Singh shares an important message on Autism Awareness Month – the significance of achieving milestones slowly and steadily. She shares a poignant example of her son, Advay’s progress.

In the spirit of the festivals of this new season, Holi and Easter, Chetana Parameswar shares her recipe for spring cookies with a step-by-step tutorial, along with ideas on how to decorate them. Get creative and add some colour to your table with these cookies!

Is your garden ready for Spring? We have two DIY ideas for you to get inspired to set up your garden. Smita Satish shares her idea about making a Mosaic Mushroom using cement clay and mosaic stones; and Deepty Mundhra tells you how to make your own garden gnomes – a craft that kids will enjoy as well.

April 29th marks the International Day of Dance and, as an artist, Sowgandhika Krishnan shares her perspectives on how various art forms have been evolving, and how imperative it is for artists to share value with the audience.

Noopur Shrivastav gives us a virtual tour of the art exhibition in Galerie Kunst Zürich Süd in Adliswil. Titled ‘Creativity and the art of seeing’, the exhibition showcased the works of 10 women artists from different genres.

Have you been bitten by the K-drama bug yet? Samvidha Srinath tells us more about the world of Korean dramas, K-Pop, K-food and K-fashion. Read about three of her favourite K-dramas and two that were trending in the year 2020.

In part 1 of our ‘Legal Eagle’ column series, our legal expert Isabelle Thouvenin elaborated upon hiring house help and the rules that need to be followed. In part II of this series, she tells us more about social securities and other legalities.

Check out the ‘Qwizzeria’ column to take the monthly quiz created for our readers by Rajan.


In this month’s Young Voices, there’s a lot in store for you! Kanhai Vaidya has continued her saga of the two sisters, Violet and Rose. Adrita Sanyal has reviewed a book from the Biff, Chip and Kipper series. Kabir Jena wrote an ode to cricket. Archisha Ray has spoken to us about her love of dance on the occasion of International Dance Day. Abhigyan Bhattacharya has written a story about a mysterious man. Adrita Sanyal, Samanvay Ray and Navya Dhammi have all created beautiful pieces for our art gallery. Make sure you check it out!

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