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Welcome to your Check your Facts 23

Zadok the Priest, composed by George Handel was rearranged by Tony Britten and used as a theme for which sporting competition?

The Atbara is one of the three main tributaries of which African river?

What Swiss artist is the only woman to appear on the eighth series of Swiss banknotes?

After which French person is the S.I. unit of radioactivity named?

Distributed by Sony, which was the highest-grossing film of 2021? (US market)

Vasant Narasimhan is an American, who is the current CEO of which multinational pharmaceutical company?

A possible reference to a fruit that contains red seed covers, which mineral takes its name meaning 'dark red'?

Apart from Assam, which other Indian state in the options has its judicial capital in Guwahati?

The ‘S’ series of smartphones are manufactured by which company?

Which city’s metro stations include Vittorio Emanuele, Quintiliani, Colosseo, and Libia?

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