Team Namaste Switzerland is back after a refreshing summer break. Doesn’t it feel like it was just yesterday when we were counting down the days to spring and summer? And now, we’re already in August, and a new school year has begun. It’s time to pick up pace and shift gears because the second half of the year is usually anything but predictable.

This month, we share with you content that will keep you energised and enthused for the month ahead.

We tell you more about the Femmes Tische, an award-winning national program, one of the best places for mothers to connect here in Switzerland. If you are a mother who needs company, support or guidance in bringing up your child or need help as your roles and responsibilities change, you can reach out to the Femmes Tische.

A new trend of concept cafes has made its mark in India. On her trip to Gurgaon, India, Vantika Singh explored some interesting child-friendly cafes.

Sapna Vijayakumar shares her personal journey and experiences in ‘My Story’. She tells us about how she manages several roles along with being a mother and wife.

Chetana Parameswar gives us more reasons to stay hydrated! She shares some brilliant ideas to infuse water with extra special ingredients that make it a joy to consume. From detox water to summer coolers to infused water, it’s hard to resist these delightfully fresh and refreshing ways to stay hydrated.

As part of her ongoing video series, Nupur from Nuyoga shares her fifth video. Nupur demonstrates a popular, easy and effective posture called the Sethubandhasana or the bridge pose.

Geeta Prakash tells us about her experiences on an African Safari and gives us tips on how to plan for one. From her visit to a Maasai village to an encounter with a charging bull, she tells us to expect the unexpected and prepares us for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our photo feature for this month features some fantastic wildlife shots. Banu Balaji shares a selection of her clicks from her trip to the Zurich Zoo.

Primea Group GmbH aims to support and optimise people’s insurance stability. Ritesh Sood is an established insurance broker and the only India-origin single-point-of-contact insurance agent in Switzerland. You can read about him and the Primea Group, in our ‘Business Feature’ section.

Enjoy the new routine, and stay energised as you embark on a new school year! As always, continue to pour in your suggestions and feedback to us. Have a fantastic month ahead!

Illustration by Smita Swamy

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