Nostalgia sets in when we think of November 14, Children’s Day, celebrated in India with pomp and show as a commemoration of the birth of independent India’s first prime minister (late) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru – So this time, we turn to our little ones and teenagers to lighten up our Namaste Switzerland with a youthful freshness!

We asked the parents and children to share some of their ideas and creativity with us. And guess what, we found that our young contributors have let their imagination and pen take wings and tell us about their experiences and stories that they have penned:
9-year-old Pratik Haldar tells us about his Diwali celebration with his friends. 8-year-old Abhigyan Bhattacharya writes his own ‘Toy Story’ inspired Diwali story. Muskaan Vaidya shares her experience of travelling to Berlin and ‘The Tropical Islands’ last Christmas – a great way to escape the cold!

We have a book reviewer in the making with 8-year old Ihita Bhattacharya who reviews ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.’

Neel Dev Sen, a student of grade 5, takes our readers through the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals that the UN wants to achieve by 2030. Bringing climate change into focus, Agamya Agate, a grade 3 student, writes a small story from the point of view of a mouse, who is planning to build a house; and the difficulties he has to face in realising that dream due to man’s interference with Mother Nature.

Budding artists and talented musicians who have contributed as well:
Aakash Sethi, 15 years old, has a passion for music and has been playing the piano and participating in concerts since age 6. He was recently profiled by the local newspaper after receiving a record number of hits on his self-created music on SoundCloud.

Ishaan Parameswar writes that he looks forward to Thursdays at school when he has ‘Handarbeit’ class. He shares DIY instructions for tea lights that he made with his mother during the festive season.

Sanjana Senthilrajan loves to play with colours, she shares a creative DIY made with seashells!

Advay Singh has found an alternative to his verbal communication – his art lessons. Art therapy helps in increasing focus and reduce stress in autistic kids.

12-year old Nikhil Ilango is a budding photographer. He shares his clicks from his trip to Nepal.

5-year-old Yuvaan, 7-year-old Jeet, 8-year-old Anaya, 9-year-old Tanish and 11-year-old Adhrit, take a trip to the zoo and sketch some of the animals they see as part of an urban sketching activity.

14-year-old Ritish Kannan has won over 40 cups and medals in chess. He recently won the title ‘Winner of the Aargau Chess for U13’and even received the Olympic talent card for the year 2019. He tells us about his journey.

And at one shot, these youngsters turn into ‘published contributors’ – not just in Namaste Switzerland, but also in Nayana Bhattacharya’s initiative ‘The IndoSwiss Kids Chronicle’ – a digital newsletter for children of Indian descent, living and studying in Switzerland.

We are constantly amazed at the skill and talent showed by our young readers. So, join us to celebrate our children – our future!

Illustration by (top left to bottom right) Abhiroop Paul, 4 years, Pratik Haldar, 9 years, Adrita Sanyal, 6 years, Avantika Bhar, 8 years

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