Smita Swamy shares her love for art and crafts. Her unique art tutorials at Namaste Switzerland include DIY garden mosaic mushroom, Festive pop-up cards, warli art , mixed media and mandala magic. This month, she tells us about the traditional Lippan Art form and shares a video tutorial on how to create colorful art coasters inspired by the art form.

Lippan kaam’ or mud and mirror work is a traditional craft from Gujarat, India. Traditionally, the craftsman used mixtures of clay and cow and camel dung to create colorful wall art to decorate their homes and also maintain cool temperatures. The contemporary form of this art uses chalk/ceramic powder with glue to make this paste.


Materials needed

Photo of materials required for Lippan art coasters

  • Cork or wooden craft coaster
  • Mirror shapes, pearls
  • Ceramic cones
  • Compass for design




  1. Draw the design on the cork/wood.
  2. Making ceramic cones is also possible, here I have used readymade cones that I bought from a craft store in India.
  3. Fill in the designs with the ceramic paste or draw the design.
  4. Place the mirrors or pearls according to your design. Push them a little so that they stick and are placed correctly.
  5. 5. Let it dry overnight and then it’s ready to use.


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